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Adam Boyce is "The Man from Vermont: Charles Ross Taggart, The Old Country Fiddler"

Thanks to Adam Boyce, himself a fiddler and entertainer from the Vermont and New Hampshire area, who has made a study of Charles Ross Taggart, and performs what he calls a "Living History of Charles Ross Taggart's life", and includes in his performances some biographical information on the renowned entertainer Charles Taggart.
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Included below are a few photos of Adam Boyce as he performs a program in November, 2014 with comedy and music about Charles Ross Taggart.

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Adam Boyce, is a composer, historian, and fiddler and a recognized authority on local traditional dance and music history of central Vermont. Adam, whose family has called Vermont home since the 1760's, has been a life-long student of history. He grew up on a farm in Williamstown, which his great-grandfather purchased in 1896, and was the same place where his father and grandfather were also raised. A composer of more than 100 fiddle tunes, he is a Juried artist with the Vermont Arts Council. Adam and his wife, Mary-Anne, live in West Windsor, Vermont.

Charles Ross Taggart (19 March 1871, Washington, D.C. - 4 July 1953, from Kents Hill, Maine) was an American comedian and folklorist who appeared all over North America as "The Man From Vermont" and "The Old Country Fiddler" from 1895-1938. Charles Taggart grew up in Topsham, Vermont, later living in Newbury for many years, in a house he called "Elmbank".
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A short video of a similar performance by Adam Boyce is available on youtube at:



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